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API Security Gateway

Enterprise-grade API Security

Enforce security across all APIs to protect your data from unauthorized access with unmatched flexibility, performance and security.

Authentication with Federated Identities

Gain access to APIs using Single Sign-On token obtained from Identity Provider login with support for SAML 2.0, OAuth2 and JWT tokens

API traffic insights

Real-time analysis of API traffic data to investigate traffic spikes, debugging, compliance reporting, forensic investigations, and usage trend analysis.

Protect against Web-based threats and vulnerabilities

Manage API security addressing top 10 most critical Web Application Security Risks as defined by OWASP. We protect your data by handling authentication and authorization, encrypting data, and preventing threats and attacks.

controlled access

Controlled Access

Prevent unauthorized access to APIs with access control policy based on Roles, Groups and federated identity. Configure authorization and authentication policies to securely expose sensitive data only to approved users, roles or applications with support for two factor authentication.

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