XecureAPI Documentation

XecureAPI Gateway is a centralized place for managing, monitoring, and securing APIs to simplify complicated distributed systems and enhance the API performance, scalability, and reliability

API Gateway API Security Setup Guides

IP Restriction:

  • In order to configure policies, navigate to the “Policy” section.

XecureAPI IP restriction configure policy

  • click on the “Add Policy” button located at the top right.

XecureAPI IP restriction Add Policy

  • To configure the IP restriction feature, select the “IP Restriction” policy.

XecureAPI IP restriction Add Policy

  • Routes: Choose the route to which you wish to apply the "IP Restriction" policy.
  • Name: Provide a valid and unique name for policy.
  • Description: Provide information about the purpose of this policy.
  • Allowed IPs: Enter the trusted IP addresses that are allowed access to the selected route. You must specify in CIDR format. This feature is commonly used to grant access to specific, trusted sources.
  • Denied IPs: Specify the IPs that you want to restrict from accessing the route. Once again, use CIDR format to specify these addresses. This feature is useful for blocking or denying access to certain sources that may pose a security risk or for other policy reasons.
  • Once done, click on “CONFIGURE” to create the policy. It will also attach the policy to the route.

XecureAPI IP restriction configuration

  • After creating and attaching the policy to a route, Navigate to the “Route” section from the left-side of the panel.
  • Click on the “Deploy” button to apply the latest configuration.

XecureAPI IP restriction configuration