API Gateway Load Balancing: A Solution to Handle Traffic Spikes Effortlessly

Ensure high availability of your APIs, minimum downtime, and optimal performance with our API gateway load balancing solution. With our API Gateway load balancer, you can maintain the responsiveness of your APIs seamlessly.

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XecureAPI Gateway Load Balancer

XecureAPI gateway acts as a single entry point for all the networks routed through it. In cases where users have a horizontally scaled infrastructure with services replicated across multiple servers, our XecureAPI Gateway load balancer comes into play

  • In this process, you need to configure their server paths in our API Gateway load balancer policy.
  • When a user sends a request, the gateway receives it and chooses the routing path depending on the algorithm and the selected servers.
  • After obtaining the response from the respective server, it is sent back to the user.
  • API Gateway load balancer also provides an advanced option where it continuously checks for a healthy server.
  • You also get advanced options with our API Gateway load balancer, including continuous checks for server health. This ensures that even if a server goes down or becomes overwhelmed, the load balancer automatically redirects the request to the most suitable next server.
API gateway and API security Load balancing

API gateway load balancing algorithms

Using an API gateway load balancing policy, you can enable the API gateway to perform load balancing. Here are a few API Gateway load balancing algorithms supported by XecureAPI Gateway

API Gateway load balancing using round robin algorithm

Round Robin Algorithm in Load Balancing

In this API gateway load balancing algorithm, requests are assigned to servers in a cyclic manner.

  • Suppose you have configured two identical servers for the load balancing policy.
  • When a user sends a request to the endpoint, the first request goes to server 1, the second to server 2, the third to server 1, and the fourth to server 2.
  • In this way, our load balancer handles the requests, providing the fastest possible response by evenly distributing requests between each server, without overwhelming any one server.

Least Connection load balancing algorithm

In this API gateway load balancing algorithm, we track the number of active connections to a specific server and then route the request to the one with the least active connections.

  • Suppose there are two servers of equal capacity.
  • Consider that the user makes four requests. The initial distribution of the requests is two to each server. While the first server still needs more time to process its requests, the second server completed both of the requests that were sent to it.
  • The first server still has two active connections, but the second server has already processed all of its requests. The API gateway then routes the fifth request to the second server, efficiently distributing the load based on server availability. This approach improves performance and reduces the server load.
API Gateway least connection load balancing algorithm

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