API Caching: Improve the Performance and Efficiency of Your Application

Reduce the workload on your backend servers and microservices with XecureAPI Gateway's API Caching Solution. We strive to improve your application's performance and protect it from various attacks.

XecureAPI API Gateway Caching to improve performance and efficiency of your application

XecureAPI Gateway's API Caching

Optimize your application's performance and supercharge your client's digital experience with our API Caching feature.

Our API Gateway Caching Solution

API caching operation depends on multiple conditions!

HTTP Method for API Caching

Cache-Control Headers for API Caching

Cache-Control: max-age=x:

  • When the max-age value is defined in the Cache-Control header of the API request, the API gateway checks the time at which the previous API response was cached.
  • If the cached response is older than 'x' seconds, the API request is sent to the backend API server, and the cached response is updated.
  • If the cached response is within the max-age mentioned, the request is served from the API gateway cache.
  • Finally, the response is returned to the client.
API Response Caching, cache control max-age
API Response Caching, Cache Control Private

Cache-Control: private:

  • If the Cache-Control header value is private, the API gateway does not cache the API response and forwards the request to your backend server.
  • The API response is usually marked as private when it can only be cached by the client device/browser and not by any intermediate CDNs.

Cache-Control: no-store:

  • As the value suggests, no-store defines that the API response should not be cached.
  • Our API gateway honors this request and ensures that the API response is not cached.
API Response Caching, Cache Control No Store
API Response Caching, Cache Control No Cache

Cache-Control: no-cache:

  • If the Cache-Control header has the value of no-store, the API gateway validates the cached response by sending the request to the API backend server.
  • "no-cache" does not mean do not store cache, however, it requires the cache to be revalidated from the API backend server before serving the response to the client.

What Sets Us Apart?

API Security is Not a One-Time Effort But an Ongoing Commitment!

Robust Security

With our cutting-edge authentication and authorization methods, we ensure that your APIs are protected against unauthorized access and data breaches.

User-Friendly Integration

With the help of our easy-to-follow documentation and the support of our developers, we make the integration process seamless for your existing systems and applications.


Our solution scales with your needs. So, don't worry about security vulnerabilities when you grow your applications and user base.

Real-time Monitoring

Gain insights into API usage with comprehensive monitoring and reporting to instantly identify and respond to suspicious activities.


We can tailor our methods and policies to meet your specific requirements to help you adapt to evolving security standards and compliance regulations.

24 X 7 Support

We ensure that help is always available when you need it by offering timely solutions around the clock, giving you complete peace of mind.

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