LDAP Authentication Integration with API Gateway

API LDAP authentication involves validating users through the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). User credentials are checked against a central directory server, enhancing security and centralizing access control. This method verifies user identity before granting access to the API, ensuring authentication integrity in distributed systems.

LDAP Authentication Integration with API Gateway


Integrate LDAP authentication with API Gateway to enhance security and streamline user access control for a web application.


A large enterprise has multiple internal applications, each requiring secure access control. The company/organization already has LDAP directory services in place to store their users and other information. They have decided to implement LDAP authentication for their services through the XecureAPI gateway for centralized user management and improved security.



XecureAPI gateway has a built-in policy to implement the LDAP authentication mechanism to secure your APIs with the organization's existing directory services such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, etc. Through this policy, we can make sure that only the authenticated employee/member of staff can utilize the resources or services provided by your APIs.

An employee wants to access a protected resource through the enterprise web application provided by an API. Before sending the API request, the web application will ask the user to authenticate by entering their LDAP credentials. These credentials are then sent as Authorization Headers during the API request.

This request is processed by the intermediate XecureAPI gateway, which acts as the entry point for all the internal APIs. The API gateway will establish a connection with the configured LDAP server for authenticating the provided credentials by the employee. The provided credentials are then validated from the LDAP server and the employee is authenticated. If the credentials are valid, the employee can access the requested resource or service.

Upon an unsuccessful authentication attempt, the employee is denied access. The XecureAPI gateway logs the authentication events and API usage for auditing purposes. You can analyse your API performance and security by using the monitoring and auditing features provided by the XecureAPI gateway.


  • Centralized User Management: LDAP integration allows the enterprise to manage user identities centrally, reducing the complexity of user administration across multiple services.
  • Enhanced Security: LDAP authentication provides a robust and standardized mechanism for verifying user credentials, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Streamlined Access Control: API Gateway serves as a centralized access point, enabling consistent and granular control over user access to various resources.
  • Auditability: Comprehensive logging and monitoring capabilities facilitate auditing, making it easier to track and investigate security-related events.


Integrating LDAP authentication with API Gateway enhances security, centralizes user management, and streamlines access control for enterprise applications, contributing to a more efficient and secure IT environment.