Unified API Gateway and API Security Use Cases

XecureAPI: Unified API Gateway and API Security Solutions Use Case Docs

Use Cases

API Key Authentication

API Key Authentication

Implement API Key authentication to secure access to a web service, ensuring that only authorized clients can interact with the API

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JWT Authentication to secure your API

JWT Authentication

Establish a secure and stateless authentication mechanism that allows microservices within the architecture to communicate with each other seamlessly

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OAuth Authentication for API Security

OAuth Authentication

Allow only authorized applications to access the organizations APIs securely, while also ensuring that users have control over their data and permissions

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LDAP Authentication for API Security

LDAP Authentication

Integrate LDAP authentication with API Gateway to enhance security and streamline user access control for a web application

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IP Restriction with XecureAPI

IP Restriction

Implement IP restriction using XecureAPI Gateway to control and secure access to the microservices APIs in the company

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API Rate Limiting using XecureAPI API Gateway

Rate Limiting

Implement rate limiting with XecureAPI Gateway to regulate and control the number of requests from clients, ensuring optimal performance, preventing abuse, and safeguarding the backend services

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Load balancing using XecureAPI API Gateway

Load Balancing

Implement load balancing through an API Gateway to distribute incoming traffic across multiple backend servers, ensuring optimal resource utilization, scalability, and high availability of services

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API Monitoring and API Analytics with XecureAPI API Gateway

Monitoring & Analytics

Implement monitoring and analytics through an API Gateway to gain real-time visibility into API performance, detect anomalies, and extract valuable insights to optimize the overall system efficiency

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API Caching with XecureAPI API Gateway

API Caching

Implement API caching through XecureAPI Gateway to boost the performance of your services by storing and serving frequently requested data, thereby minimizing data processing overhead and improving overall system responsiveness

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