XecureAPI Documentation

XecureAPI Gateway is a centralized place for managing, monitoring, and securing APIs to simplify complicated distributed systems and enhance the API performance, scalability, and reliability

API Gateway API Security Setup Guides

Configuring Services:

  • In your XecureAPI dashboard, you will find a navigation section on the left-side panel.
  • Navigate to the “Service” section.

XecureAPI Configure Services

  • Click on the “Add Service” button to start configuring your API service.

XecureAPI Add Services

  • Name: Provide a valid and unique name to route.
  • Description: Please provide information regarding the purpose of the service.
  • URL: Enter your API service URL in the given URL field.

XecureAPI Add Service

  • If you want to access the advanced configuration options for your API service you can click on the “Advanced Settings” toggle.

XecureAPI Add Services Advanced Settings

  • Using Advanced settings, you can configure the desired protocol, hostname, custom port and path used by your API service.
  • You can also enable “SSL verification” and add your SSL certificate in x509 PEM format to allow the XecureAPI gateway to connect to your API server securely.
  • Once done, click on “Add” to configure your API service. If the configuration is valid, the service will be successfully created.

XecureAPI Configured Services