IP Restriction with API Gateway

IP restriction feature in an API gateway involves controlling access by specifying approved IP addresses. Only requests originating from these designated IPs are allowed, enhancing security by limiting access to trusted sources. This measure helps prevent unauthorized access and potential security threats.

IP Restriction with api gateway


Implement IP restriction using XecureAPI Gateway to control and secure access to the microservices APIs in the company.


An organization has recently implemented a microservices architecture to enhance the scalability and flexibility of its applications. As part of this transition, they have deployed multiple APIs to manage various functionalities. However, the company is concerned about the security of these APIs and wants to restrict access to malicious IPs to prevent unauthorized access and potential security threats.



To enhance security measures and reduce attack surface area, XecureAPI Gateway facilitates the IP restriction policy. This policy can enforce that only specific IP addresses can access the resource. We have implemented an IP restriction policy across all APIs that prevents known malicious IPs from accessing the resource.

When a user initiates a request to access the information through APIs, the XecureAPI gateway performs the validation process based on the IP restriction policy. If the request originates from known malicious IP addresses, the API gateway denies the request and doesn’t allow access to the resource. But if the request comes from allowed IP addresses, the API gateway grants access to the resource.

Additionally, the XecureAPI gateway actively monitors and logs activity for malicious IP addresses. It enables you to analyze and gain insights into any malicious activities.


  • Security: Improved security by restricting access to APIs based on trusted IP addresses.
  • Centralized management: Centralized management simplifies the administration of IP restrictions across multiple APIs.
  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring and alerting enhance the ability to detect and respond to security incidents.
  • Scalable Solution: Adaptable and scalable solution to meet the evolving needs of ABC Corporation's microservices architecture


By implementing IP restriction through XecureAPI Gateway, the organization enhances the security posture of its microservices architecture, ensuring that only authorized entities can access the APIs, thereby reducing the risk of potential security threats.